Embassy of the Arctic Ocean
establishing a new state, 2016

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This ongoing research project investigates the current  situation of the Arctic Ocean and proposes both, a materialised and conceptual approach for future protection and conservation.

Starting from the problem of ocean and beach pollution caused by drifting fishnets, the aim is to source the material and transform it into a valuable building material. By skipping the usually complicated and expensive processing steps of sorting plastic in categories and cleaning it for recycling, this new material embraces the natural "pollution" of the raw material and makes production much more effective and actually profitable. Embedding the environmental context such as sand, stones or shells, the material gains a texture that tells the story of its origin.

On another level the project  developes a conceptual approach in order to protect the ocean from prospective pollution, exploitation and other misuse by civilisation.

Focusing on the Arctic Ocean and declaring it as a sovereign state in order to empower it to protect itself from the exploitation of humanity. It is about creating the elements needed to be perceived as a nation and allowing it to enter the political and economical negotiations.

The aim is to build embassies in each bordering country which facilitates the local community, designers, scientists, policy makers and other agents with a meeting place to learn, discuss and work on the issue.